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We are a full service custom prototype machine shop. We are ISO 9001 Certified. RUF was established in August of
1993 and our vision was and
still is today to become a leader
in the field of precision custom
machining and assembly.
Our customers will be delighted
with our world class products and service as we meet or exceed their delivery requirements while consistently exceeding their requirements for quality and safety. “Our goal is to produce 100% defect-free parts while achieving total customer




Established in 1993, family owned and operated RUF Custom Machining, Inc., located in Bainbridge, New York offers a broad range of capabilities and services from Prototype to High Production Jobs using CNC Milling Centers, CNC Turning, EDM Wire & Ram, Surface Grinding etc.  Industry specific services include: Aerospace, Medical, Commercial, Automotive, Machined Plastic Parts, Custom Wood Profile Knives, Jigs, Fixtures,  Embossing Dies and Punch & Dies.
Plastic Machining consists of but not limited to materials such as Acetal, Acrylic, Nylon, UHMW, Teflon, Delrin, PVC and ABS.  Our CNC milling and turning is experienced in machining materials such as Inconel 600, CRS, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, etc.
QUALITY POLICY (ISO 9001) It is the established policy of this company to provide its customers with products and services which comply in all respects with the agreed requirements and which are fit for the purpose intended, as understood by the company working in concert with the customer.  This includes all customer’s quality, reliability, safety, contact, specifications and statutory requirements.  In all cases the customer purchase order, customer prints, customer specification and/or customer special requirements shall have priority in the manufacturing, fabricating and processing of materials covered by the subject purchase order.
The company achieves its quality objectives by having an established, documented, maintained and implemented Quality Assurance System based on ISO 9001.  The Quality System includes quality management objectives, policies, organization and procedures associated with all critical procurement and manufacturing activities.  The operation of the Quality System is the responsibility of every person in the organization.
The Company acknowledges the right, when contractually agreed, of Customers Representatives to reasonable access to all parts of the Quality System including any of the customer.
As part of this Quality Policy, the Quality manager has the responsibility and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the company Quality System.
MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of RUF Custom Machining, Inc. is to provide high quality custom design, machining and assembly services in support of the unique requirements of its customers.  We believe that by continuously improving our processes, work environment, employee skills and attention to customer requirements our business will continue to prosper.
CUSTOMER REFERENCES: “As a Production Manager for a manufacturing company of High Energy Ignition Systems there are many challenges.  Production has increased over 300% in the past five years and with that more vendor support has been “key” to meeting our customers needs. “RUF CUSTOM MACHINING” has been one of these “keys”.  Their on time deliveries and quality machined parts have been instrumental in our growth and the satisfaction of our customers”.

EQUIPMENT LIST:                                                                                                                                                        
2-  CNC Vertical Machining Center’s                                                  
MITSUI SEIKI Model VR34, Longitudinal 24”, Cross 16”, Vertical 18”                                                                 

COMPUMILL - 1500 CNC Milling Center

KONDIA/ Vertical Mill
Model FV-1, Longitudinal Travel 30”, Cross 15”, Vertical 16 ½”
Power Feed & Digital Readout

BRIDGEPORT Series/ Vertical Mill
Longitudinal Travel 30”, Cross 12”, Vertical 16”
Power Feed & Digital Readout

RAM - EDM DX 25 NC - XYZ 12” X 8” X 8”

2 WIRE - EDM DWC90C - XYZ 9.8”X 11.7”X 6”

*CONQUEST 42 - Precision CNC Slant Bed Chucker and Bar Machine
bar feed capacity is 1 5/8”). HARDINGE DSM-A w/Pneumatic Bar Feed Capacity of 1”.
*CONQUEST 42 - 42 Slant Bed CNC Turning Center, 9.1” x 13.65” Tailstock &               HARDINGE GE/FANUC OT Control
*CONQUEST 42 – CNC Lathe – FANUC OT CNC Control
*SERIES 200 with 11” swing.
*SUPERMAX with 11” swing. 

Capacity Round 9”, Square 10”, Rectangle 10” x 17”

20” metal/wood cutting variable speed

1) DoAll Model D824-12, Chuck Size 8” x 24”
Wheel Size 12” Diameter  x 1” x 3” Hole Diameter.
10” X 20”
3) CHARIOT -Table Travel 6” x 13”
With Tool Sharpening Capabilities

NEY- M-525 Series II
8” x *” x 4” Capability

All measuring equipment and devices used to demonstrate conformance to customer requirements are scheduled for annual calibration.  Calibration can be performed earlier than scheduled if requested by quality control or production management.  Standards used to calibrate measuring equipment will have certification and documentation traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIS&T).  It is the policy of RUF to use an outside agency to calibrate all devices used to verify conformance of product to customer requirements.  RUF shall require all sub-contractors, if necessary, to have a calibrations system established and traceable to the NIS&T.

Coordinate Measuring  Machine                             Digital Calipers
Height Gage/Height Stands                                     Depth Micrometers
Surface Plates                                                          Inside/Outside Micrometers
Pin, Thread, Ring and Radius Gages



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